As we proactively look to help position our clients to address operating cost optimization opportunities and seek to implement a strategy and approach designed to concurrently reduce overall costs and maximize efficiencies, a key aspect of Energy Network’s integrated multi-pronged approach is to additionally assist you by delivering a comprehensive array of energy saving solutions and alternatives relating to your consumption of energy.

An excellent opportunity currently exists in the lighting arena for companies to achieve significant savings and maximize efficiencies, and we are able to deliver lighting technologies that provide operational savings, typically ranging from 40-65% in nearly all applications. We have partnered with some of the premier suppliers and manufacturers in the lighting industry, and we are positioned to provide you with the most current, energy-efficient lighting technology available.

The following are just a few of our many differentiators, as compared to other people and/or organizations you may have engaged with:

  • As your advocate and Energy Resource Partner, we are “vendor-neutral”. We leave no stone unturned as we find you the most advantageous pricing available.
  • Our objective is to provide you with alternatives and solutions designed to deliver superior ROI and create an opportunity for you to be cash flow positive from day one, by reducing your consumption and driving down resulting monthly payments to your utility, while concurrently and proactively addressing maintenance and other costs and savings relating to lighting, including but not limited to “plugging” you into rebates and other available energy initiative value-adds.
  • Our approach is to provide cost-effective, alternative energy solutions that additionally address the quality of light delivered to the work plane, as compared to your existing lighting.
  • Without receiving any compensation for this service whatsoever we can provide you finance options, should you choose to go that route.
  • The results of our mutual cooperation will include the reduction of your carbon footprint, which is an environmental challenge and matter of great importance to all of us.
  • We specialize in providing lighting solutions for your facility, utilizing state-of-the-art magnetic induction lighting (MIL), LED, and fluorescent technologies, either as one-for-one lamp retrofits or new fixture replacements.  Where appropriate, we can reduce the amount of your existing fixtures, and furthermore provide you with smart building lighting controls, in addition to evaluating and sourcing other potential value-adding products for you to capitalize on.