Independent-Consultant-300x199As an Independent Consultant of Energy Network, you will join an industry leader in promoting, facilitating, and arranging various energy transactions to medium to large-sized businesses. Independent Consultants are responsible for building a book of business and cultivating and maintaining on-going relationships with our clients. They also educate potential clients, define their energy objectives, perform due diligence, manage communications, help facilitate the transaction, and provide ongoing monitoring, and support and assistance, to help continue to meet our clients’ interests.

Independent Consultants are integrated with the company’s technology platform and are provided with consulting and marketing support, training, and all other necessary tools and resources to empower them to conduct a thriving business.  Professionals who already have and bring established networks and relationships may well have an initial edge in promoting and marketing our products and services.  For unseasoned consultants, Energy Network’s training and technology platforms ensure a fast integration to the company, its services and programs, and the energy market.   Energy Network provides a layered support system to a broad range of qualified professionals that ensures an expedited learning curve that facilitates the success of our consultants.

Benefits to working with Energy Network as an Independent Consultant include:

    1. Significant earnings potential.
    2. Unlimited Sales Leads provided with a robust Web Office/CRM platform.
    3. Potential for recognition and additional compensation when new management/support roles are created as a result of sustainable expansion.
    4. Flexibility to conduct business on a part-time or full-time basis; you choose.
    5. Option of setting up your office or workspace in any location that you select which optimizes your results.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Consultant with Energy Network, we encourage you to submit your resume and cover letter detailing your pertinent experience and explaining your interest in joining our team and send this information to