When it comes to energy use, more and more businesses are becoming aware of the importance of energy efficiency and being environmentally friendly. But the reality is a lot of business owners don’t necessarily know where to start when it comes to implementing energy efficient policies. That’s where the role of an energy consultant comes into play.

At Energy Network in New York, New York, our energy consultants are highly trained and experienced in their trade. We’ve helped businesses over a variety of industries save money on their energy bills, and we only really have one secret: always put the customer first. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our energy consultants to start saving on your energy bills!

What is an energy consulting?

Energy consulting is the umbrella term used to describe consultants who help optimize businesses’ energy usage by determining the sources they are spending the most on energy. It’s related to environmental consulting, and an energy consultant’s main goal is to help businesses reduce their overall costs in regards to energy.

What do does an energy consultant do?

The popularity of hiring an energy consultant has recently taken off, thanks to the general public’s increased awareness about environmentally friendly habits and energy efficiency. In summary, energy consultants analyze energy consumption for businesses small and large, and they help them reduce their overall energy costs.

The energy consultant will start by performing an audit on the business’ energy consumption, and from there, will determine where businesses should cut back. These energy consultants typically work either for an energy consulting company or independently.

Our energy consultants at Energy Network can work with you on the following energy saving topics:

When do you need an energy consultant?

If you find that your business has rather hefty energy bills or if you’re simply looking to incorporate more environmentally friendly practices for your business, you could benefit from the help of an energy consultant.

Energy consultants who are successful at their job know the ins and outs of energy rules and regulations in your state. They use their years of experience and deep knowledge of the market to analyze usage and rates. From there, they can typically figure out if a business is paying too much on their energy bills, and if not, what they need to do in order to pay a fair rate or what they need to do to reduce their overall expenses.

Speak with our energy consultants today.

At Energy Network, we are proud of the work our energy consultants accomplish daily. They’ve helped a variety of businesses save on their energy costs by helping business owners make the most out of their immediate resources.

We are also vendor neutral, which means we work tirelessly to find you the best energy solution for your business’ needs — we don’t have any ties or commitments to one specific energy company.

Our customer base includes commercial, industrial and municipal entities that are seeking to lower their operating costs. If you’re in search of a qualified energy consultant you can trust, contact us today by calling (888) 257-6195 or by filling out our online form.