1. Power Outage Preparedness Tips for Business (part 2)

    It’s easy to think, “A power outage will never happen to me.” It’s easy to push away the thought of the damage and financial loss that a power outage would cause to your business, and it’s even easier to fail to put a plan in place due to the effort it takes to put together. However, a sol…Read More

  2. Power Outage Preparedness Tips for Business (part 1)

    Power outages can put people at risk, especially when they happen in the winter in a cold climate, or when the lack of electricity disrupts people’s ability to get goods and services that they need for survival. It isn’t just individuals who are inconvenienced when the power goes out. Businesses…Read More

  3. Tips for Taking Fewer Steps to Accomplish the Same Task

    In the last blog post from our energy saving company, we talked about four ways that you can save energy beyond just saving electricity. Our second tip was on taking fewer steps to accomplish the same task, and there are so many ways to do this, we wanted to elaborate on it a bit more. Saving energy…Read More

  4. 4 Ways To Save Energy Beyond Just Saving Electricity

    The first law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so what’s up with saving energy? If it’s invincible, who needs to worry? Well, all of us who are in charge of paying energy bills, that’s who. So while we don’t need save energy from destruction, what we can do …Read More

  5. Seven of the Most Common Water Leaks (Part 1)

    Saving water is hard to do when you have a leak... As an energy management company we are always looking for ways to save our planet’s resources. One of the most precious of those resources is, of course, water.   Back in 2016 we covered ways to save water in a two-part series of blog posts. This…Read More

  6. Give the Gift of an Energy Consultant This Holiday Season

    It’s the time of year when we’re all making those last minute purchases, dashing to the store, fighting traffic at the mall, and racking our brains for what to give to that one person who seems to have everything. For the facilities manager, building manager, or business owner in your life, here…Read More

  7. 3 Tips to Incorporate Risk Management Into Your Energy Strategy

    If you are the facilities manager of your company or the person in charge of the energy consumption of your building and activities, you are probably very good at staying on top of all the basic tasks related to meeting your energy goals. From heating to lighting to other uses of energy, you’re mo…Read More

  8. How Supply and Demand Affect Energy Pricing

    Energy management is a complex series of activities, from making sure that you choose the right retail energy provider to optimizing your lighting and HVAC options. One thing that you may have noticed is the propensity for these prices to fluctuate, leaving you subject to dealing with variations in …Read More

  9. Technology Advancements That Help You Save Energy

    Energy management is a constantly changing and evolving pursuit, and it can sometimes be hard to keep up. However, technological advancements can certainly help to save energy effortlessly, and they don’t even have to be costly to implement. Here are just a handful of recent technological advancem…Read More