1. The Importance of Energy Management in Retail

    Energy is one of the biggest operational expenses in retail.  Retail is one of the most competitive industries out there today, which is why it's so important for retailers to spend every single penny they have wisely and thoughtfully. Unfortunately, this industry also has one major expense that is…Read More

  2. What is Energy Management?

    What exactly is energy management?  When people think of energy management, they often think about turning down the thermostat or switching to natural gas instead of heating oil. While both of these things could help you save energy, energy management is a bit more involved that just making a coupl…Read More

  3. Energy Saving Tips for Winter Part 3

    Winter may be cold and dreary, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to see your energy bills skyrocket.  It's common for many businesses to have to pay higher energy bills during the winter months, but if you are trying to trim your budget and spend your money wisely, you'll be glad to kno…Read More

  4. Energy Saving Tips for Winter Part 2

    Plummeting temperatures and short days don't have to mean higher energy costs.  When most business owners think about winter, they start thinking about how much it will cost to keep their employees warm and productive. Although the cold weather means that you'll have to turn up your heater, it does…Read More

  5. Energy Saving Tips for Winter

    Many business owners plan to spend more over the cold winter months, but there are many ways that you can actually cut costs over the winter.  According to ENERGY STAR, small businesses in the United States spend approximately $60 billion every year on energy costs alone. Energy management is incre…Read More

  6. Water Saving Tips for Businesses Part 2

    Don't let your water usage be the weak part of your energy management strategy.  While saving on lighting and electricity can certainly help you save money, your water usage can really add up, and therefore, it should be a big part of your overall energy management strategy. If you have had a chanc…Read More

  7. Water Saving Tips for Businesses

    When business owners think about saving money on their energy use, water is often the last thing that they think of.  This is especially true for businesses that aren't in a region where there are water shortages. However, water is a finite resource, and according to environmental scientists, water…Read More

  8. The Importance of Establishing a Baseline

    What is an energy baseline?  When it comes to energy management, there are many challenges, but one of the biggest is determining if the processes and solutions you've put in place are actually working. Energy doesn't just have to do with one or two things, like your light bulbs or water use, there…Read More

  9. The Dollars and Sense of Energy Management Part 2

    Can your afford not to find a new energy saving solution for you business?  The world is rapidly changing, and we are looking for new energy solutions at a higher rate than ever before. As more and more energy saving solutions become more widely available and affordable, the old ways of doing thing…Read More