When business owners think about saving money on their energy use, water is often the last thing that they think of. 

This is especially true for businesses that aren’t in a region where there are water shortages. However, water is a finite resource, and according to environmental scientists, water shortages worldwide are the most immediate environmental concerns we face today. As water shortages become more and more prevalent, many towns and cities are starting to raise their water rates. Luckily, Energy Network has the perfect energy saving solutions for you. The following is our list of water saving tips for businesses of all sizes:

#1. Get a professional water audit. 

For many companies, the biggest savings lie in correcting wasteful water usage, not necessarily in implementing anything new or installing new equipment. However, before you can correct the problem, you first have to identify it. A professional water audit will help to identify simple things, like water leaks, high water pressure in your building and outdated water fixtures, as well as not so simple things, like wasteful water usage by employees.

#2. Be smart about landscaping. 

Landscaping is a wonderful thing for businesses because it makes the building warm and inviting, and it can even help to improve morale. However, you have to be smart about your landscaping because it can use quite a bit of water. Utilize plants that are drought resistant and native to your area. If you are willing to get a bit more creative with it, include rock gardens and hardscapes into your landscape design.

Please stay tuned for our next blog to learn about more water saving tips for businesses.