To be competitive in today’s world, every business has to make the relentless pursuit of cutting costs, saving money, and avoiding overpaying for services. Not every business incurs the same types of costs, but every business will almost certainly experience some increase in electricity costs. Since energy is a prerequisite for almost everything we do, being able to save on those energy costs is a hugely beneficial ability. Therefore, solar is an attractive option for making sure you save money everywhere that it’s possible. You’ll not only pay less for electricity; many of these options will earn you a tax credit, too. Here are just a few of the solar technologies you can install to save on energy.

Solar Lighting

There are many solar lighting options that you can install at your place of business to reduce energy consumption while still providing bright light. Solar lighting is most commonly installed outdoors (to light parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, or courtyards, for example). This is the most logical use of solar lighting, as the solar panel can be installed directly on the top of the light to charge during the day and then provide light at night.

Solar Water Heating

Heating your water with solar can provide sustainable, environmentally friendly hot water for everything from your bathroom sinks to your break room kitchens. This can help you to not only reduce your natural gas consumption but also increase your hot water capacity. More and more people are turning to solar for their water heating needs and are finding that it can save them up to 80 percent of their hot water bill. The great thing about heating water with solar is that while converting solar radiation to electricity is still relatively inefficient, converting solar to heat is super simple. Why pay more for hot water when you can do solar?

Solar Space Heating

Heating your space with solar in the winter is one of the cleanest ways to have heat, as sunlight is unlimited and free and doesn’t create harmful emissions. Solar heating systems usually exist in conjunction with a backup heating system in case bad weather or a cloudy day comes along, but they can be an incredible way to save on heating costs. In cold climates, heating costs can pose one of the biggest electricity burdens on a business. If you look into solar, you’ll see how quickly it will pay itself off.

Solar Thermal Energy

This is the thing that most people typically think of when they hear the word solar. To distill it down to its most basic parts, you have solar panels outside and electricity inside, and you can use that electricity for whatever you want. Solar thermal electricity is also a technology that usually has a backup of being connected to the grid for electricity.

For almost every application, there’s solar, and for the backup, there’s standard electricity sold by power companies at their rates. Did you know that you can even save big on the electricity that your business consumes by acquiring it for less? The energy consultants at Energy Network are able to harness our purchasing power and knowledge to acquire energy for your business at a lower cost than you will typically find. Let us save you money! Get started by contacting us online today.

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