In the last blog post from our energy saving company, we talked about four ways that you can save energy beyond just saving electricity. Our second tip was on taking fewer steps to accomplish the same task, and there are so many ways to do this, we wanted to elaborate on it a bit more. Saving energy means that you’re burning less fuel and paying less per month. However, even when you can’t burn less fuel, you can still save money. One of the primary methods we use to help our customers to save money is by teaching them how to buy wholesale electricity from whoever is offering it at the lowest price. Keep reading for tips on how to use efficiency methods in your favor when you’re trying to cut energy costs.

1. Touch it once.

If you pick up a piece of paper or open a document, only to set it back down or close it with the task not yet resolved, you’re creating additional tasks for yourself. Instead, make it a point to create systems where you don’t inadvertently repeat some of the same steps. The more repetitive the task, the more crucial it is to progress smoothly from one step to the next.

  • Here’s a simple example. You’re unloading the dishwasher. Do you set the cups and plates on the counter? If you do, you’ll only have to pick them up again, creating extra work for yourself.
  • Another example: Your email. You open an email, and there’s an action item that you need to complete in order to resolve that task. Do you close the email and go on to something else? If you do, you’ll only have to open it back up again.

Make it a way of life to eliminate needless tasks where it’s possible to do so.

2. Use technology

If a software program or a robot can do a task faster and more reliably than a human can, invest the time and money needed to create that program or build that robot. For some tasks, all you might need to do is to create a spreadsheet. For others, you may need to do some serious research and development before you can use technology to eliminate steps. Either way, it can pay off big time to let the machines handle the gruntwork for you, taking tasks off your plate that would otherwise have to be done by a human.

Case in point: Restaurants that are moving towards a kiosk-based ordering system. Have you been to Panera Bread or Olive Garden lately? They’re eliminating one task that a human used to have to do, and they’re finding that it’s cheaper, faster, and more accurate.

3. Offer incentives for speed

Make it fun for your employees to compete against themselves, the clock, or each other to find ways to do a task more efficiently. When you incentivize them to do something in fewer steps, you’ll be surprised at how often someone can come up with an innovative solution. The best incentive? Often it’s a cash prize. This works well for a one-time contest or competition, but if you want to consistently get more speed, offer an automatic salary bonus every time someone completes a certain number of productivity points.

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