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If your answer is yes, read more from Energy Network on one detail you should take into account in your energy saving strategy.

Unlike your home electricity meter, which simply measures the kilowatt hours you consume and charges you a standard rate per kWh, most businesses are subject to a much more complex pricing scheme. You most likely have a meter that measures your energy consumption in time intervals (e.g. half an hour) and then charges you on a scale that costs you more for using energy during peak consumption hours.

What Can You Do About This?

Knowing that you’re being charged higher rates for peak consumption times is only the first step to being able to manage that cost and ultimately reduce it. Here are some tips from our energy saving company on what you can do to keep those costs to a minimum.

1. Obtain a Detailed Breakdown of How Much You’re Being Charged for Energy Throughout the Day

Once you know exactly how much your electricity is costing you at every standard interval of the day, you’ll have more insight into how you can customize your energy consumption to minimize how much you’re using during peak times. Keep in mind that since most other companies are working from 9-5, those hours are likely to be the most expensive. Where can you think outside the box to cut your costs and gain a competitive advantage?

2. Create An Energy Saving Strategy

During a typical workday, there are probably certain energy costs that you won’t be able to tweak. For instance, it’s likely non-negotiable that you will have the lights on in your building all day, and that any worker who uses a computer won’t be turning it off just because you’re approaching a peak energy hour.

However, these may not be the things that cause the biggest drain on your electricity consumption anyway, and you should look at tweaking the biggest costs first.

For instance, if there is a large piece of equipment that you run at certain times a day, and you have a choice when to have it on or off, think through whether you can tweak its hours of operation to take advantage of the lowest energy-cost portions of the day. This can range from anything as drastic as running it overnight to simply putting up a sign on the machine with a notice to employees of the best (and worst) times of day to run it, and a statement that it is your company’s preference to use it during the optimum times of day.

3. Buy Your Energy Wholesale From The Lowest Bidder

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