Winter may be cold and dreary, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to see your energy bills skyrocket. 

It’s common for many businesses to have to pay higher energy bills during the winter months, but if you are trying to trim your budget and spend your money wisely, you’ll be glad to know that there are many effective energy saving solutions out there. If you haven’t already, check out our previous blog, where you can read expert tips on how to help your small business save energy over the winter.  Today, we will be finishing up this blog series with these last few energy saving tips:

#6. Fix any leaks you may find. 

Leaks, whether they be in your duct system or faucets, can cause you to waste a lot more energy than you may realize. Even a small leak can add up to big energy losses, so it’s important that you have your systems inspected for leaks.

#7. Keep your bulbs, lenses, fixtures and lamps clean. 

Dirt, dust and other grime can start to build up on your lights over time, which can greatly reduce their output. This may lead you to replace your lights before their time. Luckily, with regular cleaning, you can avoid the buildup and keep your lights working as they should.

#8. Shut down computers and other electronic devices overnight. 

When computers and other electronic devices “go to sleep”, they are still using a small amount of power, even though they appear to be turned off. Rather than just leaving these devices to idle, turn them off completely. This small practice will cost you nothing, but it will help you to save more money every month!