Don’t let the myths and misconceptions keep you from getting the energy saving solutions you need. 

At Energy Network, we firmly believe that the energy saving solutions we provide can save you money and improve your business, but we also know that there are many myths and misconceptions about energy management. Learn the truth about the myths that we’ve already gone over by checking out our latest blog. Keep reading to learn the truth about more energy management myths:

Myth #4. If you leave your computers on, you’ll use less energy and increase their lifespan. 

This myth is a pretty common one, but you should know that it is completely false. If you turn off your computer when it’s not in use, it won’t do anything that would affect its lifespan, but leaving it on constantly can lower its lifespan. Also, the small power surge that occurs when you turn your computer on will be much cheaper and use less energy than leaving the computer on all the time.

Myth #5. If you have a building management system, you don’t need energy monitoring. 

A building management system (BMS) controls a building’s power systems, lighting, security systems, ventilation and more through a computer. While a BMS can certainly help you conserve more energy, it won’t allow you to thoroughly monitor your energy usage.

Myth #6. Energy management is too expensive. 

Many business owners view energy management as a costly venture that requires big, dramatic changes. However, there are actually lots of little things you can do to manage your energy. Energy management is an investment, and it’ll help you save on your energy usage every single month!

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