Technology can do a lot for us, from entertaining our kids on long road trips to making our lives easier at work. If you’re a business owner, building manager, or facilities operator, you also know how many options there are out there for technology tools that that you may or may not have implemented yet. Budget constraints are often a big factor that stands in the way of getting the technology you need, and the constantly-changing landscape of available tools is another factor. However, while too much “shiny-object syndrome” isn’t a good thing, there are some significant benefits to having the right energy-saving technology in place. Here are a few of the primary benefits to you.

1. Increase savings

In every business, it’s important to decrease costs, increase savings, and maximize profits. Implementing new technology (such as an innovative piece of energy-efficient equipment) costs money, but if it comes with amazing savings every day, you’ll break even really quickly and then go on to rake in the savings every day.

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2. Reduce human error

The right technology can go a long way towards reducing human error. A simple example is a thermostat. Your office thermostat is set at the ideal temperature that gives you the right balance between cost and human comfort. However, one day on a Friday, someone important is cold and the temperature gets turned up five degrees. Everyone has every intention of turning it back down before they leave the building, but they simply forget, and then the temperature stays too warm all weekend. This might not be a big deal if you’re heating your home, but when you’re heating thousands of square feet, the dollar bills rack up quickly. With the right technology, you’d have a continuous monitoring system that would send an alert to your phone (or even automatically reduce the temperature), saving you from the problem.

3. Increase safety

The right technology can help keep people safer, from wearable technology to artificial reality. Wherever you have potential hazards, those hazards will tend to be much more costly the more that people have to be exposed to those hazards. Implementing the right technology can help to reduce the amount that people have to put themselves at risk.

4. Help you do your job

You’re held accountable for the results that you achieve, but do you have the tools that you need to achieve those results? It can help you to save more energy and report increasing results to your superiors when you have the right technology.

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