The first law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so what’s up with saving energy? If it’s invincible, who needs to worry? Well, all of us who are in charge of paying energy bills, that’s who. So while we don’t need save energy from destruction, what we can do is save our pocketbooks from unnecessary losses. While Energy Network’s primary task is helping business owners to obtain wholesale electricity from the seller who’s offering the lowest price, we also like to provide our customers with ideas on ways to save other types of energy, too. In this blog post, we’ll cover a few of those ways.

1. Offer a corporate commuter shuttle program

If you live in or near a larger city, chances are, your employees are driving in to the office from various distances away. Perhaps they’re even participating in a rideshare program. But what if you could go a step beyond that to drastically reduce both the carbon footprint and the congestion on the roads? A corporate commuter shuttle program could be the way to go. Let’s say that your office is located close to an interstate highway, and most of your employees drive a good distance along that highway between their homes and their workplace. You could implement a shuttle that takes them from a central meeting point or the most logical exit. Employees park at the shuttle meeting point and then ride the shuttle the rest of the way to work. It alleviates parking at your business location and cuts down on up to 40-60 vehicles being on the road.

2. Take fewer steps to accomplish the same task

Discoveries are constantly being made for how to get the same job done in fewer steps. Not only does this save money, the companies who work this way make more money and come out ahead. Try making it part of your company culture to do tasks in the most efficient way possible, and watch productivity soar. You’ll even save your own bodily energy in the process, leaving you more energized for the things that you really care about.

3. Install water-saving fixtures

If your bathroom sinks still have faucets that will run full-blast, and if your office toilets are guzzling more gallons than necessary for every flush, count up how much you could save if you installed fixtures that released a measured amount of water. And if you could save just by having the right restroom fixtures, how much more could you save if you’re using water in other ways?

4. Optimize against entropy

Going back to the laws of thermodynamics, in any given system, there will always be some energy that’s “lost” because it is converted to unusable energy and given off as heat. Every system will have some entropy, and the second law of thermodynamics says that within an isolated system, entropy will always be increasing. When you have a manufacturing process, you constantly have to be adding energy in order to compensate for the energy that’s given off as heat. Try measuring the heat that’s being given off from any one of your processes, and look for ways to optimize the process that results in less heat production. This is a shortcut method to ensuring that you’re harnessing more of the available energy for productive uses rather than just burning fuel.

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