When you are looking for ways to save energy, part of the puzzle is knowing where to look. With ever-thinner profit margins and an ever-more-cutthroat environment of competition, your business needs to save every penny in order to succeed and triumph in your space.

Our energy management company is constantly looking for energy saving solutions for our customers, and in this blog, we’d like to share a few ways that you can use to potentially identify for yourself some new ways to save money energy.

1. Measure your energy consumption

Don’t just look at your power bill and see if you can lower it next month by “being more watchful about energy.” Instead, create a detailed breakdown.

  • Take measurements of the energy consumption of each individual component of your business operation, accounting for every possible category and getting it to match up as closely as possible to your total power bill.
  • Then, create tables or charts to show what percentage of energy consumption is being allocated to different categories. For instance, you could determine that in a typical month, you spend X% on lights, X% on computers, X% on running a certain piece of equipment, and so forth.
  • Correlate these percentages to the relative importance that each category contributes to your overall bottom line.
    If there is a discrepancy, where something relatively unimportant is using more energy than can be justified, then make cuts accordingly.
  • Compare the results on your next energy bill to ensure that you got the results you wanted.
  • Continue to measure your energy consumption periodically to update your detailed breakdown and ensure that no further optimizations or tweaks are necessary.

If one piece of equipment or one phase of your manufacturing is hemorrhaging energy, you won’t know it if you don’t measure it.

2. Look at where your energy is coming from

When your company automatically buys electricity from the local power company, you’re giving monopoly power to that power company when you could be buying power on the open market at the cheapest rates. Why not buy from someone who is selling surplus power wholesale and get a cheaper rate? That’s what the savvy businesses do, and that’s what you can do, too, with the clout that comes with your relationship with Energy Network. Contact us and a consultant will get in touch to guide you through this process.

3. Look for software that will automate your energy savings

We’re thinking far beyond software that keeps your building climate-controlled. For instance, fuel is a major expense for heavy equipment operators, but if they use software, they can automate the fuel-saving capability of their machine, leading to higher efficiency and more profit. Do you run equipment? Do you transport heavy items from place to place? Do you have ways to operate smarter, making fewer passes with the ideal size load that will save energy? This can make a difference in your bottom line.

Energy Network can help you to find even more ways to save

When you contact one of our consultants, we’ll be happy to explore with you the best and easiest way for you to save the most energy. Call us or fill out our online form and we will be in touch quickly.