If you want to save energy, it’s important to know what uses the most of it in your workplace! 

Everything in your workplace, from the lighting to the air conditioning, uses energy, and when you have a good idea of what uses the most energy, it’ll be much easier for you to learn how to effectively save energy. When you work with the energy management experts at Energy Network, we will help you determine what the specific energy wasters are in your office, but in general, here are the things that use the most energy in the commercial sector:

#1. Lighting

At 20 percent of the energy used by the entire commercial sector, lighting is, hands down, the largest energy zapper in the commercial sector of the United States. By switching to CFLS or LEDS, the potential for savings is huge; plus, these lighting options don’t create as much heat as traditional lighting options, which can help you save even more energy.

#2. Cooling

Coming in at second, cooling accounts for about 10 percent of the energy used in the commercial sector. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to save energy while keeping your office cool and comfortable. Check out our previous blog series to learn tips from our experts for keeping your office cool without breaking the bank.

Although these are the two biggest energy consumers in a typical workplace, there are many more that you need to be aware of. Stay tuned for our next blog for more information.