Energy is one of the biggest operational expenses in retail. 

Retail is one of the most competitive industries out there today, which is why it’s so important for retailers to spend every single penny they have wisely and thoughtfully. Unfortunately, this industry also has one major expense that is holding it back, and that is energy management. The retail industry spends approximately $20 billion on energy every single year. That was the bad news, but there is good news as well! With such huge energy expenditures, there’s also a huge opportunity for savings.

Save big with energy management. 

Many companies see energy management as a good thing for the environment, but not as a big benefit for them. However, with the right energy management solutions, you can save every year! In fact, with a good energy management plan, the retail industry as a whole could save an approximate $3 billion every year. For a typical retail store, the energy costs will account for around 5.5% of the total cost to operate the store. If a store is able to downsize their energy to make up 4% of their total operating costs, the savings could increase that store’s profit margin to 4.75%!

As you can see, energy management can help you save big, and there are huge opportunities for savings in the retail industry today. If you are a retailer, and you would like to be a leader in the industry, please contact us today! We have years of experience, and we are excited to help you find the right energy management solutions for your needs!