Not only are LEDs great for saving energy, they can also keep your employees healthy and happy!

Did you know that switching to LEDs could actually be beneficial for your health and the health of your employees? There are so many incredible benefits to switching to LEDs in your office, and the positive effects on your health are just the icing on the cake! The following is a list from the energy management experts at Energy Network of some of the many health benefits of switching to LEDs in your office:

#1. LEDs could normalize your sleep cycle. 

If you have trouble sleeping at night, LEDs may just be the solution you’ve been waiting for. New LED technology has allowed LEDs to actually mimic natural light very convincingly, and exposure to natural light during the day helps to keep your circadian rhythm in balance, which leads to better sleep at night.

#2. LEDs can decrease your headaches.

If you are prone to migraines or headaches, the flickering that comes from fluorescent lights can really aggravate the pain. LEDs never flicker, which may help to decrease the number of headaches you get!

#3. LEDs are better for your eyes. 

Some lighting systems are insufficient because of flickering, toxic chemicals and inadequate focus. Luckily, LEDs are free of these issues, and they also emit a much fuller electromagnetic spectrum than other options. Since the light from LEDs is closer to natural daylight, it is much easier for your eyes to adapt.

Learn about more of the health benefits of LEDs when you stay tuned for our next blog.