Energy management is a constantly changing and evolving pursuit, and it can sometimes be hard to keep up. However, technological advancements can certainly help to save energy effortlessly, and they don’t even have to be costly to implement. Here are just a handful of recent technological advancements that are changing the way that businesses consume energy.

1. Motion-sensing light switches

It can feel like a waste of breath to be constantly begging people to turn lights off when they aren’t using them. It’s strange but true that even people who care about the planet and conservation of energy can suddenly become callous and impervious to energy-saving suggestions the moment they’re no longer the ones paying the bill. Rather than waste your breath, why not simply install motion-sensing switches? They’ll turn the lights on when a person is in the room, and when they no longer sense movement, they’ll time out and turn off the lights again when no one is there. These light switches tend to work best in bathrooms, supply closets, or rooms where people don’t typically frequent (but could inadvertently leave the light on).

2. Drone package delivery

We have come a long way from the old black-and-white movies where drugstore clerks and shopkeepers would hire a delivery boy to take packages around town to the respective people who had purchased them. As if shipping companies weren’t a big enough step forward, we have now arrived at the place where delivery by drone is the most cost-effective means of delivery, especially to rural areas. It was a big jump to be able to go from a ratio of one human to one package to a ratio of one human (e.g. a UPS driver) to many packages. Now, we have gotten to the point where we can eliminate the human altogether. With transportation costs accounting for an estimated 29 percent of all energy consumption in the United States, drones are a way to cut down on the costs of fuel if your business transports goods to customers on a regular basis.

3. Solar panels

The cost of solar panels has come down, and the reliability of energy storage technologies has gone up, making solar an option that’s more attractive all the time. Consider this: The annual amount of solar energy that’s hitting the earth is several times larger than the amount of energy consumption worldwide. The problem is, most of that solar energy doesn’t get harnessed, and it gets lost as heat instead. Why not install solar? Capture enough solar energy, and you might be selling your excess power back to the grid rather than buying it.

4. Energy management software

Energy management software can give you the ability to continuously monitor your facility’s energy consumption, with dashboards that show you important details at a glance. Sensors in pieces of equipment, such as your HVAC machinery, can monitor the usage of electricity and alert you if there is unusually high usage of energy somewhere. Plus, it can track your utility bill processing and eliminate paperwork.

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