Saving water is hard to do when you have a leak…

As an energy management company we are always looking for ways to save our planet’s resources. One of the most precious of those resources is, of course, water.  

Back in 2016 we covered ways to save water in a two-part series of blog posts. This time we’re going to cover common leaks you need to watch out for. After all, all the water conservation tips in the world are going to be of no use if you’ve got a bad leak. In fact, most times it’s far more important to fix a leak than to follow water saving tips to a T.

In this post, we’ll cover the first four of seven of the most common household leaks you’ll experience.

Most common leaks #1–#4

Most common leak #1: Faucets

While a leaky faucet may not seem like a big deal, the amount of water you’re wasting can add up quite a bit over time. In fact, if your faucet drips once a second for an entire day, you’re looking at over 5 gallons of water a day. Doesn’t sound like much? That’s over 2,000 gallons a year on average!

Most common leak #2: Toilet

If you thought a leaking faucet was bad, you don’t even want to know how much a leaking toilet wastes. The City of Daytona beach estimates around 200 gallons of water a day is wasted by a leaking toilet. That’s 6,000 in just one month. A leaking toilet is commonly caused by a stuck flapper or a chain that’s caught in the tank.

Most common leak #3: Hot Water Heater

As the metal tank in a water heater rusts, the chances of a water heater leak goes way up. Not only do you have to worry about an increased water bill, the danger of a leaking faucet to your home’s foundation cannot be understated. Not to mention you’ll be spending more money to heat water as it will need to constantly refill your tank to keep your supply up.

Most common leak #4: Washing Machine

A washing machine leak is a fairly obvious one to spot, but its place in this list cannot be ignored. Checking your hose is securely attached and in optimal condition is a good way to prevent this sort of leak.

We’re not a plumber, but we can help you with water saving

As an energy broker and consultant, our goal is to always be coming up with new ways to save you money and cut your energy costs.

While our company isn’t designed to fix leaks, we won’t leave you completely without resources when it comes to saving money on your water bill. Check out our Flow Management Device (FMD) to see how you can save money. Our FMD system reduces turbulence. What this means for you is an accurate water meter reading. After all, who should be paying for water they aren’t actually using?

Stay tuned for more about the most common household leaks in part 2 of this blog…