Allowing your employees to work from home is beneficial in many ways.

There is a very good reason why more and more companies are opting to have remote workforces. Allowing your employees to work from home reduces sick days, increases productivity, improves your employees’ work satisfaction, reduces turnover, increases collaboration, increases the pool of qualified candidates and so much more! As you can see the benefits are numerous, but what does having a remote workforce have to do with your energy spend?

How having a remote workforce improves your energy management strategy. 

The more employees who opt to work from home, the smaller the office you’ll need! Smaller offices are much easier to manage from an energy standpoint. Without all of that extra space, you can save on so many things, including lighting, heating, cooling and water. Not only can a remote workforce save your business energy, it can also lead to a more environmentally friendly world! This is because people who work from home don’t have to commute to work! This helps to reduce your employees’ carbon footprint, reduces traffic out on the road, lowers the risk for traffic accidents and so much more!

Whether you are worried about the environment or you just want to save energy around your office, one of the best things you can do is to allow your employees to work from home, at least part-time. In addition to having a remote workforce, there are many others things you can do to save energy in your office. Get the expert energy management advice you need by contacting us at Energy Network today.