Sick of paying too much for your utilities? There could be hidden meter costs driving up your utility bills.

With such a competitive market, you need every dollar in your budget to count, and no company wants to waste even a cent on a service they aren’t using. However, there could be hidden costs associated with your meter that are driving up your utility costs without you even realizing it. The following is a list from our energy management experts of a couple common meter costs that could be impacting your utility bills on a monthly basis:

#1. You’re using a larger capacity plan than you need.

If you have low usage and a large capacity plan, you may have a lower price per unit, but you’re also likely paying higher base charges. If your usage is low, then you aren’t taking advantage of the lower price per unit enough to recoup the cost of the base charges. You may be able to lower your utility bill by switching to a more appropriate plan for your usage.

#2. You’re using a lower capacity plan than you need.

On the flipside, using a lower capacity plan than you need could also be driving up your utilities. While it’s true that your base charges are lower, you are also likely paying a much steeper rate for high consumption. Switch to a plan that matches your consumption to get the most bang for your buck.

Would you like to learn about more hidden meter costs that could be increasing your utility bills? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.