Monitoring energy consumption is a great way to identify where your facility may be needlessly leaking costs. Even a residential house can stand to save on energy costs by monitoring where the energy is being spent, but when you’re talking about a commercial facility, business complex, or other large office space, the cost savings can be tremendous. Here are some of our tips for you to effectively monitor your energy consumption and identify areas where you can save.

Automated Systems

Most facilities have automated systems that have been set up to optimize the energy usage of all systems. If you don’t already have an automated system in place, this is a great place to start. Installing this will take the workload off your plate and minimize the chances that things will slip through the cracks.

Here’s an analogy. If your home has an old-style thermostat that you have to manually turn up and down, you might remember to turn it down every day when you leave for work, but you might not. And for every day that you forget and that task slips through the cracks, you spend a little bit more money than you could have spent. An automatic thermostat will allow you to program when your home’s temperature dips during the day or night, making sure that you save that money every time.

It’s the same with the automated systems for your facility. However, even if you already have a highly-optimized system in place, you still need to have a periodic review to monitor the energy expenditure. If you monitor this, it’s possible to create and maintain an additional savings of two-eight percent. The reason for this is because energy costs can leak over time, even when they’re regulated by automated systems. Either someone changes the settings, new best practices come out, or other triggers happen that a quick review will bring to light.

Identify patterns

It’s a good idea to identify normal patterns of energy consumption at your site and align these patterns with the patterns that correspond to the building’s optimum setup. If you encounter a deviation, then you should work to ensure that your current patterns and habits of energy consumption align more closely to correspond with the optimum setup.

Identify promptly when some change occurs

Do you have systems in place that allow you to know immediately when a change occurs in your energy plan? For instance, will you be notified if someone overrides a setting? Will you have a quick method of identifying when your systems have deviated from their expected energy performance? The sooner you can identify these energy losses, the sooner you’ll be able to take steps to restore things to where they ought to be, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Identify Positive and Negative Changes

If you make a change, do you have a quick and easy way to monitor whether that change had a positive or negative effect on your energy consumption? The effect of some changes is self-evident, while it might be counter-intuitive in other cases. Kori Koepke and Energy Network can consult with you to identify which changes are actually having a positive impact, and we can help you to implement the systems you need to install for optimum performance.

Implementing effective monitoring

We’ve found that monitoring your energy consumption can prevent you from losing up to eight percent per year, compared to a system with no monitoring and maintenance program. Count on us to bring you the solutions you need. We are here to serve you, and we’d love for you to start by scheduling a consultation.

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