It’s all too easy for businesses to waste large amounts of water without even realizing it, but there are many things you can do to save.

Leaky toilets, improperly maintained plumbing systems and broken sprinklers are all examples of the many things that could cause businesses to waste water without even realizing it. However, the situation isn’t hopeless! There are so many things you can do to cut back on your water use and lower your utility bills. Our energy management experts went over a few water savings tips for businesses in our previous post; here are a couple more:

 #4. Flow Management Device (FMD)

FMDs are designed to make your water meter readings more accurate and prevent you from having to pay more for your water than you should. There are so many possible errors with meters that could leave you paying for water you haven’t used. Learn about some of the hidden meter charges you could be unknowingly paying by reading our previous blog series.

#5. Employee Involvement

Even with the most efficient setup, you won’t get far in your conservation effort if you try to do it alone. Educate your employees on the things they can do to save water. Not only will employee involvement give you a better chance at success, it will also give your employees another reason to be proud of what they do!

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