When temperatures go down, our thermostats go up! Spending time in chilly New York can be enjoyable, but the moment that you step into your commercial space you want to be welcomed by warm air. As a commercial building, it can be extremely challenging to warm your space up while also being conservative with the energy that you’re using. The good news is, the team at Energy Network Solutions is here to help!

Understand Your Thermostat

The thermostat that maintains the temperature in your commercial space is the first thing that you need to understand. Not only will this provide you with the ability to monitor the temperature of your commercial space, but it is going to be one of the best ways for you to get a grip on your energy and how efficient you’re being.

Each degree above 68 is going to cost you extra — which is why understanding your thermostat is crucial. When temperatures are lower outside, it’s ideal for your space to be anywhere from 68° to 70°. Not only is this a welcoming temperature to walk into, but it’s a comfortable temperature to work in.

While this is the ideal temperature throughout the work day, you will want to lower the set temperature of your thermostat when you’ve closed for the day. By lowering the temperature to 65° when the office is empty, your HVAC unit isn’t working nearly as hard and you’re saving money on the energy that you’re conserving. That’s a win!

Consider Window Treatments

Windows are a huge factor that contributes to a loss of energy. While they provide a barrier with from the outdoors, they can have a drastic effect on the interior of your commercial space. Adding window treatments to the windows of your commercial building can help you maintain the temperature inside of your space.

Aside from helping you maintain the temperature indoors, window treatments can reduce air leaks that often happen with windows. Though they’re not a fool-proof solution for air leaks, window treatments do create a barrier that minimize the chances of air leaking. At the very least, this can help reduce the waste of energy until you’re able to update your windows or have the time to work on the sealant around them.

Schedule an Audit

Each commercial space is different, and each space is going to require different changes to be made in order for it to receive optimal efficiency levels. The only way for you to make the necessary changes that your commercial building needs is by understanding the problems that you have on your hands.

The team at Energy Network Solutions is here to provide you with an energy efficiency audit that looks at your space and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the reasons that your commercial building isn’t as efficient as it could be. From there, we provide you with the solutions that you can take advantage of to succeed.

Don’t wait any longer, you’re losing money by doing so! Contact our team today and let us schedule your audit so that we can get you taken care of as quickly as possible.