Over the past few weeks in our blog, we’ve been covering energy management tips and ideas for facility managers for how to get employees on board with reducing your energy costs. In the natural state of things, people tend to be apathetic about their energy consumption at work, and it’s hard to overcome that attitude of “I’m not paying the energy bill, so why should I care as long as I’m getting paid for my work?” But maintaining employee participation in energy management doesn’t have to be a fight. No, you can’t control them by programming a setting as if they were a thermostat, but you can do a lot towards getting people excited to contribute. Here’s our fourth suggestion in the series.

4. Reward energy-saving behavior.

  • Public accolades are incredibly motivating to many people, and this can help you to encourage an office culture of positive growth toward energy efficiency.
  • This can be something as simple as crowdsourcing: set up an online portal or bulletin board where employees can give a shout-out to someone they’ve seen behaving in an exceptional manner to save energy or stop someone else from wasting it.
  • If you have the technology in place to monitor the energy consumption of each individual employee, consider having an “energy-conscious employee of the month” award for who did the best job at reducing their energy spend.
  • For offices with a lot of computers, hold a random office walkthrough after hours every so often, and place a simple reward (like a Snickers bar and a post-it note saying “Good job! You turned off your computer last night!”) to raise awareness and participation in energy saving measures.

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