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Energy management involves much more than just turning off the lights and setting the thermostat at the optimum temperature. In this article from Energy Network, we’ll look at a key part of your energy management strategy: Where are your buying your electricity in the first place? If you need more information on choosing the right retail energy provider, read on to get our tips for how to do this in the most effective way.

Don’t Lock Yourself Into A Monopoly

One thing about the energy industry is that there is a high likelihood that your local power plant or energy provider enjoys a monopoly in your area. If your business is hooked up to your municipal power supply or a local energy company, chances are, the extent of their service is connecting you to the power supply, billing on a monthly basis, and disconnecting anyone who hasn’t paid the bill.

Most people don’t expect more than this from their power company, simply because they don’t imagine there is an option to have more. But what if you could break out of your dependency on the monopoly and buy your energy in the open market? You may not be able to do this for your home, but your business should have the option to select among vendors in the exact same way that it does for any other bid or contract that you enter into.

The great news is, this is possible! When you join Energy Network, you get a consultant who can open up to you a whole world of possibilities. You’ll suddenly have the flexibility to buy your energy from the retail energy provider who is the best fit for you. There is a nationwide network of these energy providers, and your consultant will help to guide you to select the best option for your company.

Choose the Retail Energy Provider Who Will Give You The Best Deal.

In your typical business dealings, you wouldn’t think of giving monopoly rights to a single vendor to purchase exclusively from them unless you had first vetted the field. When you send out a request for proposal or a request for quote, you screen each incoming proposal through a rubric, evaluating all the factors that they’ll be able to give you, including price.

How do you get your energy at the best deal? Simple.

When you work with one of the energy consultants from Energy Network, they will have insider knowledge of all the different vendors in the energy industry, including data on the price you will be charged. Since this is a factor that is in constant flux from provider to provider, you need someone who always has the most up-to-date knowledge on which provider is offering the best deal at any given moment. All other things being equal, why would you buy your electricity from anyone but the lowest bidder?

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