As a facilities manager, you know just how many energy management systems you have in place to optimize your building, from what light bulbs you use to what temperature you set on the thermostat to what hours the main lights are on. No one has to ask you to be watching the energy consumption of your office. But it can be frustrating when other people don’t seem to realize how much their actions are making your life more difficult by not choosing to be watchful and energy-conscious.

In our last two blog posts, we looked at ways that you can identify the areas that your employees’ actions are making a difference in your energy bill and then post them publicly to foster awareness. But if you stop short at these things, then you might still be getting less-than-optimum energy management results. Here’s our third suggestion.

3. Ask employees to be conscious of their energy consumption at work and make an effort to minimize any wastefulness.

  • If you don’t ask, you don’t know what you can get.
  • Carefully frame the wording and approach to how you ask. This can make a difference between whether it comes across to your general employee population as a greedy corporate grab for more profits or an exciting way to contribute for the sake of the community and the planet.
  • Try incorporating a session on energy consumption awareness into new hire training so that all incoming employees will be aware of your focus on being green and energy efficient. If you have completed our previous suggestions in steps 1 and 2, it can help you to get upper management on board with the idea of how much you could save by adding this module to new hire training.
  • Repeat the request periodically (e.g. quarterly) to remind people to be watchful of their energy spend at work. It’s easy for people to slip back into energy-wasting behavior, so once in a while a short request can ratchet morale and participation back up.

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