If you are a business look to save energy, chances are, you’ve looked at every possible avenue where this can be done. From keeping your thermostat at the right temperature to optimizing your building controls equipment for efficiency to getting your employees to care about their energy consumption, you’ve probably left no stone unturned. In your pursuit of energy savings, you have undoubtedly also looked into the option of solar energy to save you money. The great news is, solar can be an incredible option despite its higher upfront costs. In this blog post, we’d like to cover some of the best ways that solar power can save your business money on your energy bills.

Solar Energy Can Get You Paid

When you are generating solar energy in excess of your consumption requirements, you can actually sell that power back to the grid and they will pay you for it. This is an awesome way to turn around what was always an expense and convert it to an income opportunity. While this won’t make anyone rich, it feels great to be on the energy producing side of the equation.

Going Solar Can Demonstrate Your Environmental Responsibility

Companies who can show that they are “green” can often earn more of the favor, goodwill, and purchasing intent of the general public, which can be a side benefit to earn more money than you otherwise would have. Rather than being one of those companies spilling toxic fumes into the atmosphere through your chimneys, why not be the one that has solar panels installed in plain view on your roof?

Solar Energy Can Get You Tax Credits

There is a federal business tax credit for installing solar options called the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit. If you install solar lighting, water heating, space heating and cooling, and other alternative energy technologies, you can be eligible for this program and save on your business taxes. To learn more, visit the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit page.

Having Solar Can Shelter You From Outages

Even if you install solar panels at your place of business, you’ll probably choose to stay connected to the grid. However, in the event of an outage, whether it’s a freak storm, a car accident that took down a utility pole, or a brownout, you could be the business who stays up and running when all your competitors’ electricity goes down.

From residential homes to Fortune 500 companies like Wal-Mart and Intel, solar is becoming the route that makes sense, no matter what size you are. If you’re looking into solar or other energy-saving options, why not check out the energy acquisition option that can save you money by procuring the electricity that you buy at the cheapest possible rates? Energy Network has a proven method of acquiring electricity at a discount for our customers. Our coaches will consult with you to take the energy acquisition strategy that is right for your business or workplace. Take advantage of this innovative and effective way of saving today! Get started by contacting us online.

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