Save more energy by learning to avoid the common energy wasters. 

If you want to save energy in your office, you need to learn about the many things in your office that can waste a lot of energy. Unfortunately, you may not even be aware of many of those things. In our last blog, our energy management experts went over many hidden energy wasters around the office. Keep reading to learn about more hidden energy wasters:

#4. Improper Sprinkler Placement

If your sprinklers aren’t placed in the right spots, or if they face the wrong direction, then they may not even be spraying water on your the lawn and plant life! Make sure that your sprinklers are placed in the right spots and they face the right direction.

#5. Lights on Sunny Days

When it is sunny outside, it is much more economical to pull open the shades and turn off the lights! Sunlight is much more pleasant than artificial light, plus it’s free! Lighting accounts for up to a fourth of the electricity that is consumed worldwide, and it pays to save with lighting.

#6. Not Powering Down Computers

Keeping computers and other office equipment on all night and weekend is a great way to waste a lot of energy. Not only it is important to turn these things off, you should also unplug them because many of these things still use some amount of energy when they are turned off.

Although avoiding these hidden energy costs can help you save more on your utility bills, we can help you come up with an energy saving solution to save you even more! Contact us today to get started.