If you’re a facilities manager looking to reduce your energy costs, energy management is very important to you. You’ve probably set up many automated systems that you don’t have to think about once you’ve set them up correctly, but one thing you’ll never be able to fully automate is the energy-saving actions of your employees.

So what are some of the techniques that you can employ to minimize the energy consumption effect of people’s behavior at the office? In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at some tips to foster an energy management work ethic among your employees. Here’s our first suggestion.

1. Identify all the ways that employees’ actions DO make a difference in your building’s energy footprint.

  • Many items that your workers are used to watching at home (like setting the thermostat, turning lights out, and keeping doors and windows closed) may be out of their control at the office because the lights are just always on all the time that they’re there.
  • This can contribute to many employees simply being unaware or unconscious of their contribution (or lack thereof) to your efforts to save energy.
  • Don’t fail to identify the “group effect” on people’s attitudes of whether or not they care that they’re wasting energy at the office. If there is a general climate of people thinking it’s “not cool” to engage in behaviors that are costly on the energy front, then people will be encouraging each other to limit their energy consumption. On the other hand, even one or two people who shrug and roll their eyes and present an attitude of not caring can have a contagious effect to those around them. Try to identify whether or not people care, and then recruit key positive people from around the office to be on your side and help to turn around the attitude.

Stay tuned for our next blog to see step two! In the meantime, we’d love to offer you comprehensive energy-saving services to ensure that you’re saving money every day in every category where it makes a difference. Contact us today to get started.