You don’t have to see an increase in your energy bills this summer!

Most businesses experience increased energy bills during the summer months due to air conditioning. However, there are many things you can do to keep your office cool and comfortable while simultaneously saving money on your energy bills, and Energy Network is here to help! Check out our last blog to learn about the summer energy management tips that we’ve already gone over. Keep reading for more expert energy saving tips for your business this summer:

#3. Automate your thermostat. 

Your HVAC system uses a whole lot of energy, nearly 30 percent of your total energy use in fact. There’s no point in cranking up the air conditioning in your office when no one is there. However, it’s not always easy to remember to turn down your air conditioning at the end of the day, and automating it can ensure that you’ll save energy without having to remember to do it yourself!

#4. Keep your vents clear. 

If your vents are blocked, you are paying for air conditioning that no one is actually feeling! It’s very important to keep your vents clear, even in rooms that get little use. Some people try to save energy by closing vents in rooms that don’t get used as much, but this can actually put excess pressure on your duct system and lead to damage.

#5. Use fans.

On mild days, there’s no point in using the full might of your air conditioning when you can use a fan instead! Fans are inexpensive, and they can effectively cool a room on a day when air conditioning is too much.

We have just a few more energy management tips for you, so stay tuned for our next blog to learn more!