Understanding the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency. 

Many people use the terms “energy conservation” and “energy efficiency” interchangeably, but, believe it or not, energy conservation and energy efficiency are not the same things! Energy conservation and energy efficiency are two sides to the same coin, and they are both incredibly important when implementing an energy management strategy for your business.

However, while they are both vital aspects of energy management, understanding how they differ is crucial to building a well-rounded plan. Here at Energy Network, we work with those who want to improve their company’s energy management plan. With our years of experience and passion for the field, we help businesses implement both energy conservation and energy efficiency efforts to cut costs. For some companies, their focus has been on only one side of this coin and, by working with an energy consultant, they are able to reach the potential of pairing these two similar but different methods.

If you are hoping to improve your understanding of energy management, keep reading to learn what exactly energy conservation and energy efficiency entail.

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What is energy conservation?

Energy conservation means that you are changing your behaviors to save energy. This could include turning down the thermostat when you leave the office for the weekend or unplugging electronics at the end of the day. Basically, energy conservation means that you are cutting down on the energy you use in your office.

Looking for creative ways to improve energy conservation at your business? There are endless ways you can focus on cutting back. Check out these simple tasks you can implement to help improve your energy conservation.

  • Adjust Your Light Usage: Do you have lights that run constantly in bathrooms, break rooms, and other areas of your office that are only visited during portions of the day? Instead of leaving these lights running constantly, invest in motion sensor lighting. This will allow your employees to enjoy light as needed but will help to conserve energy when these rooms aren’t in use.
  • Purchase A Smart Thermostat: It is easy to waste energy on heating or cooling your office to excess. One way that you can help conserve energy is by investing in a smart thermostat that can lower the amount of heating and cooling you use when no one is in the building.
  • Institute A Remote Work Day: If you have a business in which it is possible, allow employees to spend one day a week working from home. This will allow you to shut things down for a day. You can spend less energy each week by taking one day that everyone leaves the office.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency means that you are saving energy without the need to change your behaviors. For example, you can save lots of energy by choosing to use LEDs instead of fluorescent lights. When you use LEDs, you aren’t turning off the lights or changing your behaviors in any way, but you are still saving energy.

If you are hoping to become more energy efficient in your office, there are plenty of ways you can improve your energy management plan. Try implementing some of the following ideas:

  • Replace Basic Items: Do you have old computers that gulp down energy? Are your light bulbs outdated energy drains? Go through your office and replace any equipment you can with new, energy efficient models.
  • Upgrade Your HVAC System: If your office operates with an old HVAC system, it might be eating up far more energy than necessary. New HVAC systems are designed to utilize very small amounts of energy to keep your building comfortable year round. Investing in a new HVAC system can drastically improve your building’s energy efficiency.
  • Meet With An Energy Consultant: One way you can improve your energy efficiency is by speaking with an experienced energy consultant. By doing so, you can learn more about areas you are operating inefficiently and what methods there are on the market for improving. This can lead to long-term savings for your company and better health for our planet.

As you can see energy conservation and energy efficiency are two very different things, but they can both be important for energy management. At Energy Network, we can help you come up with an energy management solution that will help you save money and reach your energy goals. The best part about turning to us is that we can provide you with a risk-free, obligation-free analysis that can help you decide if working with us is the right decision for your business. Contact us today to get started.