When it comes to energy procurement, there’s no shortage of myths and misconceptions.

If your business is like most, then your energy spend is probably a much bigger part of your budget than you would like it to be. There are many energy management strategies you can employ to reduce your energy budget, and one of the best is changing the way you buy your energy. There are a number of energy management myths that could lead you to spend more money than you should, and our experts are here to debunk them!

Myth #1. You’ll be rewarded for your loyalty.

If you’ve been buying your energy from the same company for 20 years, you might think that you’ll get discounts or special offers for your loyalty. Unfortunately, this isn’t typically the case.  In fact, you could actually lose money if you stay with the same company for years, because you’ll miss out on specials and money-saving opportunities from other companies.

Myth #2. You’ll save money if you buy in the winter.

While it may be cheaper for domestic users to switch to a new energy provider during the winter, things work a bit differently when it comes to business energy procurement. For businesses, buying when the wholesale price of energy is lowest will help you save the most money. That is exactly why it’s important to watch the energy market.

Although we’ve debunked a couple of the most important myths about energy procurement, there are many more out there. Please check back for our next blog to learn the truth about a few more energy procurement myths.