Save more money by learning the truth about common energy procurement myths.

Saving energy is something that every business is interested in. You can switch to LED lights, install low-flow toilets and take other steps to reduce your energy usage, but one of the most important steps you can take is analyzing your energy procurement strategy. The unfortunate reality is that there are many misconceptions about energy procurement that could impact your energy budget. In our last blog, we debunked a couple of the most expensive energy procurement myths. Keep reading to learn the truth about a couple more:

Myth #3. As long as you are under a contract, you don’t need to think about energy procurement.

Why would you need to think about energy procurement if you are under a contract? The price of energy can change drastically, and it’s important to watch the market carefully. As a general rule, you should start watching the average energy price six months before your contract ends.

Myth #4. You don’t need an energy broker.

Many companies don’t take energy procurement seriously enough. Energy procurement may not seem like a big deal, but the reality is that it takes a lot of research, time and dedication to get the most savings. Having an energy broker on your side gives you the best chance at enjoying the most savings.

The first step to reducing your energy budget is with a smart energy procurement strategy. At Energy Network, we specialize in energy procurement and management. Contact us today to get started!