It’s never ideal for electric bills to be higher than normal. Unfortunately, this is pretty common during the summer months. If, in the past, you’ve noticed that your energy bill increases, today’s blog is for you. We are going to touch on a few of the things that you can do to reduce energy consumption in your home this summer. Let’s dive right in.

Monitor Your Thermostat

The most common way that individuals burn through energy during the summer is by turning on the AC. Let’s face it, there are days where going without AC would be absolutely miserable. That being said, it’s important to note that you don’t have to suffer to save. Instead of leaving your AC running throughout the day, take some time to set a specific schedule for your thermostat. If the house is empty for a portion of the day, don’t leave it running. Rather, have your AC kick on roughly 30 minutes before people start coming home. You’d be surprised just how much this extra effort can help.

Make the Most of Blinds

The high temperature associated with summer is what makes our home so hot throughout this season. While AC is a great way to keep the home cool, there is another cost-effective method of doing so: blinds. Most homeowners will already have blinds in their home simply for the additional privacy that can be enjoyed, but did you know that they also help keep your home cool? By investing in blinds that block out the sun and keeping them down, you will notice that you have to use your AC much less than when they are up. 

Switch to LED Bulbs

Maintaining and working in the garden is not an easy task. Aside from giving your garden the time it needs to thrive, summer requires you to set aside some time to ensure that the rest of your lawn also looks good. When you’re dedicating so many weekends to keeping the landscape of your home looking good, it only makes sense that you want to make the most of the landscape lighting you’ve invested in. If this is something you’re guilty of doing, simply make the switch to LED bulbs. Not only will you be able to save energy, but you’ll notice that these bulbs provide you with a much brighter, clearer light to help you show off your landscape.

Contact Energy Network Solutions

The three tips that we’ve listed above are sure to help you narrow down the energy consumption in your home, but at times, there are additional factors that need to be looked at. Energy Network Consumptions works tirelessly to help homeowners and business alike with their energy consumption. More importantly, we want to make sure that individuals we serve have the solutions that they need to conserve energy. 

As a Top Rated National® Energy Broker and Consultant, we would love nothing more than to assist you with your energy consumption. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you.