If you are looking for ways to save money in your business, one of the best places to look is your energy expenditure. Paying for electricity is one of the fixed costs that businesses have to cope with, and reducing these fixed costs is a way to make the business as a whole more profitable. However, making a meaningful difference in your bottom line through energy conservation is a more complex problem than it may seem at first glance. Given that you have to pay for lighting, climate control, and running equipment in a space that is thousands of square feet, it’s no wonder that many businesses throw up their hands at making any headway.

This is where an energy consultant comes in. However many business owners and facility managers aren’t aware of the value that energy consultants bring to the table or the capabilities that they have to help you. Could you do these things for yourself? Technically, yes. You can do anything. However, if you go about to do it yourself, you’ll end up either investing as much time as the energy consultant did to get their knowledge base, or paying a person to discover what the energy consultant could have told you much quicker. Here are just a few points for you to consider.

1. An energy consultant can conduct a professional energy audit

You can look at your bills every month, but do you know why they are as high as they are? When an energy consultant gets involved, they’ll conduct an energy audit to discover exactly how much energy is being used. What systems are using the electricity? What time of day is this occurring? Where is the energy going?

2. An energy consultant can offer you a path forward

Let’s say that you’re handed a comprehensive energy audit. The papers slide across your desk and you start looking through the data. A helpless feeling washes over you as you ask yourself, “What do I even need to do to take this data and translate it into action? How do I manage my energy moving forward based on this information?”

That’s something that the energy consultant can do for you. When you talk with an energy consultant, they’ll have strategies and recommendations at their fingertips to share with you. They’ll also have a vast knowledge base of solutions that have worked for other businesses and suggestions of things you’ll want to implement.

3. An energy consult from Energy Network can help you buy wholesale energy

One of the best ways to cut down on your energy costs is to buy the electricity itself from a source that offers a cheaper price than your local power company. Many companies are not even aware that this is an option. Your consultant from Energy Network can help you to buy surplus energy at wholesale prices from the lowest bidder.

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