What is an energy baseline? 

When it comes to energy management, there are many challenges, but one of the biggest is determining if the processes and solutions you’ve put in place are actually working. Energy doesn’t just have to do with one or two things, like your light bulbs or water use, there are multiple factors and they are all interrelated. This makes measuring the effectiveness of your energy management strategy difficult to do. That is why, before we do anything else, our energy consultants will help you establish a baseline. An energy baseline is essentially a reference tool to allow you to measure the results of your strategy.

Why is establishing an energy baseline so important?

An energy baseline will serve three basic purposes for your business:

  1. It allows you to both monitor and verify how much money you have saved by using your energy management strategies.
  2. It can give you a forecast of your energy use and cost because it allows you to review the effects of manipulating different factors that affect energy management.
  3. It will allow you to establish the good and the bad of your energy performance, and it will also help you to weed out factors that are out of your control.

To understand how far you’ve come, you first need to understand where you started. An energy baseline is a great way to measure how well your energy solutions are working, and it will give you insight on what you still need to work on. Take the first step to establish your baseline and start working towards greater energy efficiency by contacting Energy Network today.