Scheduling an energy audit might not be on the top of your list. Perhaps you are busy juggling a thousand other building management tasks and spending the time on an energy audit feels like too much. However, putting off a professional energy audit could be costing you more than you know. Here at Energy Network, we provide customized energy consulting for our clients in an endeavor to help them save on costs and improve their overall energy management plan. If you have been considering an investment in an energy audit, now is the time. Check out all the costs of putting off a professional energy audit and end your procrastination today.

Wasted Energy On Lighting

When you don’t take the time to work with an energy consultant, you might be spending large amounts of money on lighting that you don’t need to be. For commercial properties, lighting is a huge cost. While you might not think about it too often, when you stop to consider the number of lights around your property, you can start to imagine how much of your energy bills are due to these lights.

An energy audit can help you identify where you are wasting money in regards to your lighting. From swapping out inefficient bulbs to helping you find a better priced vendor, our goal is to ensure that you do not waste any money on necessary property lighting.

Inaccuracy In Water Spendings

Did you know? Turbulence in some types of water lines can actually alter water meter readings. This can cause you to actually pay more than you should be for water. Over time, this inaccuracy in your meter readings can wind up costing your company countless dollars.

When you invest in an energy audit, you can implement the use of a Flow Management Device (FMD). This will enable you to reduce this turbulence and can lead to more accurate meter readings. The end savings could be as much as 12 to 15 percent.

Poorly Handled Waste Management Contracts

While lights and water are common energy costs, many companies don’t think about their waste management when they factor their energy costs. An energy audit allows you to take a look at this utility cost and come up with increased savings. This is usually done by renegotiating waste management contracts. If you have never had a professional look over your contract, now is the time to do so. Your business could be spending far more on waste management than necessary.

Negative Impact On The Planet

Finally, an additional cost of not investing in a professional energy audit is the cost to the planet. When you don’t take the time to assess your energy waste and inefficiencies, you are leaving a larger carbon footprint behind. Scheduling an energy audit can help you improve how environmentally friendly your business truly is.

Interested in a professional energy audit? Talk to us today about how our energy consulting services can help cut costs at your business and leave our planet a better place.