As a business, outside resources are a boon to the effectiveness and efficiency of discovering and implementing solutions. One problem you may have is energy inefficiency. While you may want to tackle this issue on your own, energy management consultants are a fantastic outside resource to consider hiring.

At Energy Network Solutions, we take pride in providing you and your operation team the opportunity to focus on what you do best while we consult and discover a solution to your energy issues. In this article, we share how you can find an energy consultant to assist with your needs.

Do You Need an Energy Management Consultant?

First, it’s often best to ask the question, “Do I need an energy consultant?” While most businesses tend to ignore their energy inefficiencies or go all in on energy consultancy, those who remain in the middle are the ones who tend to have the opportunity to save the most. Whether you believe you need an energy consultant or not, it’s still valuable to understand how to find one.

Businesses that have vast energy usage and complexity of systems will benefit the most from an energy consultant. These are the cases where an energy management company can come in and dissect exactly what’s going on with your energy and costs.

Hiring out your energy management needs allows you and your operations team to focus on what they do best. Do you and your team feel overwhelmed with the idea of dealing with energy management? It’s time to call the experts at Energy Network Solutions.

Find an Energy Consulting Services

#1. Check Required Certifications and Licenses

Energy Management Consultants will be able to show proof of proper licensing and certifications for their state or region. You may be able to find a list of utility-based consultants through the state-operated utility commissions website. However, you can also find third-party consultants that you can partner with to better operate your energy needs.

#2. Request a History of Success

When you start talking to energy consultants, request a history of their success. You can also ask for customer references to see discuss their services with past clients. This offers you insight on what to expect from a given consultant.

#3. Ask About Their Experience

First and foremost, an energy consultant ought to be an expert in energy. Second, they should have other skill-sets that complement their work in energy. For most, a truly successful energy consulting company is made up of a team of experts in energy, IT, engineering, and beyond.

#4. Candid About Services and Processes

An energy consultancy worth their cost in solutions is candid and upfront about their services. There are no “hidden” fees or “charges” for unforeseen circumstances after you sign the contract. Instead, they let you know what you get by hiring them before a contract is signed.

#5. Service Is Customized

Your energy consultant should offer you a customized solution to your energy management needs. A cookie-cutter approach will never work for anyone. Your business, your building, and your employees all require a custom approach to energy saving solutions.

Do you need an energy consultant to save you money on energy usage? Call Energy Network Solutions today!