When you’re in business, your very survival depends on getting the best value for your money, maximizing profits, minimizing losses, and cutting expenses. One of the overhead costs that affects every business is energy. In the last few months on our blog, we have explored many different topics on how to ensure that you are saving the maximum amount of energy possible. However, what if you’ve cut every possible cost and explored every possible avenue to reduce your energy consumption, and it still isn’t enough? The good news is, you still haven’t bottomed out your expenditure on energy. There is still one more avenue that you can explore.

Pay Less For the Energy Itself

You can only go so far to cut down on your expenditure of energy before you get to a point where people can no longer do the work they’re supposed to do. When you get to that point, however, you will discover that there is still one more option: you can pay less for the energy itself.

How can that be done, you ask?

The answer lies in the way that energy is processed and sold in the United States. As homeowners, we get the electric bill, and we pay the electric bill. There’s no negotiating with the electric company on the rate that they’re charging you.

But what if you could negotiate with the electric company on the rate that they’re charging your business?

The fact is, you can—indirectly.

One business by itself probably can’t come to the table with enough bargaining power to negotiate the rates down, but it still can be done. This is the case even if you live in a state where they don’t allow retail competition between electricity providers.

Wholesale Power

Electricity comes from power plants, and power plants sell the power they produce, usually by the megawatt, to other power companies. This means that raw units of power may be sold and change hands more than once before they are ever up for retail sale to the final consumer.

Therefore, the game of reducing your power costs consists of finding the provider who is willing and able to sell the electricity at the lowest price, and buying it from that provider.

The wholesale power market is divided up into multiple regions throughout the United States, with federal regulations overseeing the whole process of buying and selling the energy they have generated.

Getting into the Game

So can you just raise your hand and say, “Hey, I’d like to buy some of that electricity you’re selling at the cheaper rate?” Technically, you could, but it would require you to jump through a lot of hoops to build the knowledge base you need in order to play the game and win some deals.

This is where Energy Network comes in. With the friendly and helpful folks from Energy Network on your side, you can simply count on us to negotiate the cheapest price for the energy you’re consuming. Our expert consultants are skilled in procuring the electricity you need at the cheapest rates, passing on those savings to you. Don’t wait any longer to start saving. Contact Energy Network today.