It’s the time of year when we’re all making those last minute purchases, dashing to the store, fighting traffic at the mall, and racking our brains for what to give to that one person who seems to have everything. For the facilities manager, building manager, or business owner in your life, here’s a gift idea that’s sure to delight and amaze them: Put them in touch with an energy consultant who can save them money on energy. Or, if you’re a business owner yourself, why not give this gift to yourself? In this blog post from our energy management company, we’ll look at three of the reasons why this is the perfect gift for yourself or to someone you care about.

It’s the gift that keeps giving

When you get the services of an energy consultant from Energy Network, you’ll be delighted to find that the benefit you receive isn’t just for a day or a month — all year round, you’ll be enjoying the savings that come from being able to save on energy. Our energy consultants will guide you to a holistic, vendor-neutral energy strategy that results in reducing costs and saving money.

One of the main ways we do this is by setting you free from being tied to purchasing energy from your local power plant at whatever rates they want to charge you. Instead, we know how to purchase energy at wholesale prices from anyone on the market who has an energy surplus. Why should the power plants be the only one who gets in on this deal? We think your business should get in on the gift of wholesale energy in 2018. With our network of 100+ Retail Energy Providers (REPs), you’ll be sure to be able to get a better deal.

It’s a painless alternative to cutting payroll

There are seemingly endless hurdles to running a successful business, from taxes to competition to the price of manufacturing. If your business is operating with margins so tight that you’re wondering how to make payroll or thinking you’ll have to cut some of the services you offer, think again. An energy consultant from Energy Network can often give you the energy management solutions that will substantially reduce your fixed costs of doing business. This will substantially alleviate the burden that you’re experiencing when you’ve looked everywhere else for what you can trim.

Going Green is sure to get you on Santa’s Nice List

The best part about giving the gift of an energy consultant this holiday season is that it is a sure way to reduce your carbon footprint. How can you go wrong with that? If alternative energy seems daunting to you or you’re simply not sure how you would go about saving more energy than you already are, why not let one of our energy consultants evaluate your current energy profile and identify ways that you can save. Whether it’s a way to save on water, lighting, or electricity, we promise to leave no stone unturned to make sure that you have the best cutting-edge energy saving and energy procurement methods at your disposal, plus the software to manage all your energy data.

Contact Energy Network today to request your energy consultant

Don’t wait any longer. You won’t even have to fight the rude drivers on the roads to give the gift of an energy consultant to yourself or the important person in your life. Get in touch with our referral agents today to start the process.