Every business relies on data, and data centers use electricity to keep running. Unlike the business machines that you can turn off at night when everyone goes home for the day, your data center is always on, and for almost every business, any downtime represents a big threat to profits. Whether you have your own data servers on site or you are a data center providing server space to multiple customers, it’s important to know that you’re not needlessly spending too much on energy costs to keep running 24/7.

In this article from our energy consulting department, we’d like to explore some of the facts about the energy usage by data centers and what you can do to conserve and save money without putting your business at risk.

Energy Usage by Data Centers in the United States

Data centers consume about 70 billion kilowatt-hours per year, according to an estimate in the United States Data Center Energy Usage Report by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and it is estimated to increase another four percent from 2014-2020. With the average cost of electricity in all sectors at 10.33 cents per kilowatt hour in February of this year, that means that it costs over 9 billion dollars to run the internet. Data centers incorporate multiple types of equipment, including servers, external storage on hard disk and solid state drives, and networking equipment.

If you’re one of the players in that field, of course you recoup that cost in what you charge customers. But what if you could lower your costs even more than you already have?

Energy efficiency of data centers has made giant advances by implementing advanced cooling technology and other innovations. However, while we applaud continued efforts to push the envelope of data center efficiency, that’s not what we have in mind for your opportunity to save money.

The Energy Supply Market

When you purchase your energy from the power plant, you typically don’t have a choice. You pay the rates that they charge you, or you don’t have power. A severe lack of competition in the energy sector has led to higher prices for energy. Competition creates a natural environment where businesses are forced to keep prices at a balanced level of what the market will sustain, but the energy market has largely been insulated from this effect by the current regulations that govern energy production.

Purchasing Energy at Competitive Rates

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