Without energy, almost everything in life as we know it falls apart. Try to picture life without electricity and you can almost hear the tribal drums, see your pony tied to the hitching post, and smell the smoke from your open cookfire. Too often, we take this all-important piece of infrastructure for granted, and when it comes to running a business, many people simply create a line item for “power” in the fixed expenses category and don’t give it another thought. (Funny how the thing that keeps the lights on, which make everything else visible invariably becomes invisible to us.) However, you could be leaving money on the table if you don’t keep close tabs on your energy usage and the price you’re paying for power. Here are the top risks to your business of NOT using an energy consultant.

1. You might leave areas of risk unprotected.

Here at Energy Network, our consultants are trained to assess your business’s risk tolerance while at the same time finding the best energy alternatives and solutions available to you. Without a risk assessment, you won’t be able to effectively create structures to help mitigate that risk.

2. Your operating costs might stay higher than they should

Our job is to inform, educate, and provide consultative advice to our clients. We offer you a comprehensive energy strategy that is meant to put you in a place of economic advantage. However, if you never find out what these things are, you might end up paying more for your fixed costs than you should have

3. You might not get the best possible rates for your energy contracts.

One of our strengths here at Energy Network is to offer to clients a strong network of partnerships nationwide that help you to get the best possible price for energy. Rather than always just getting your power from standard sources, we bring to the table the option for you to buy from the energy provider who has the lowest price offer. This restores a healthier aspect of competition to power companies who have largely enjoyed a monopoly and regulatory protections. Procure better rates when you buy through the strength of our network.

4. You might not save in all the areas you should

Energy Network is proactive about addressing every aspect that relates to your total energy spend. When you have more choices, you have more power to save wherever possible. We offer consultation in the following areas:

  • Electricity & Natural Gas Procurement
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Lighting
  • Solar

5. You might fall afoul of regulations

If you try to DIY it when it comes to your energy management, you could very well happen upon a great idea that just happens to not allowed in your community. Regulations and ordinances differ from state to state, and businesses know that one bad news story could put your reputation at stake. Don’t inadvertently try to hack together an energy management plan when there are energy consultants ready and waiting to help you.

Choose Energy Network today to get the best in energy consultation for your maximum savings.