As a business owner or operator, you’re always looking for a way to better your bottom line. One of those ways can be energy savings. While this is one sector of the business that can save you a ton, you need to be aware of some myths that are still prevalent in the market.

As an energy consultant to your business, Energy Network Solutions is here to help you better understand where you can save money on energy. In fact, this article is going to debunk four myths so that you can make more informed decisions when it comes to energy management.

4 Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked

Energy saving solutions are unique to the business. While other consultants utilize the cookie-cutter approach to energy management, you deserve a 100 percent custom solution to your energy needs. In an effort to provide that for you now, here are four energy efficiency myths debunked:

Myth #1. Energy Savings Solutions Only Make Sense for Large Corporations

As much as you may believe that huge corporations are the only types of business entities that can save on energy management, it’s simply not true. Your business utilizes energy just as any large corporation, which means there’s always room for improvement of energy use. When it comes to water, waste, and lighting, Energy Network Solutions is here to help you save on your energy usage.

Myth #2. Keeping Computers on Decreases Energy use and Increases Lifespan

For most, they’ve heard that leaving their computer on and running 24/7, their computer will last longer and use less energy. While this may seem like it makes sense, it’s false. A computer left on is drawing energy, which leads to energy spent. Also, the more energy that’s drawn through the machine, technically, the quicker that machine will deteriorate.

What’s more, some may argue that the energy used to turn the computer back on is more than the energy draw for computers that are not turned off when not in use. This is false in that the amount of time a machine is off is actually saving you money. The time the machine is on is spending energy and money to pay for that energy. A direct correlation between an increase in machine maintenance and energy use exists, which shows that you ought to turn your machines off when you’re not using them.

Myth #3. A Building Management System (BMS) Replaces Real-Time Energy Management

While a BMS helps mitigate energy waste, it’s still not a perfect system. For most, the BMS is a way to not have to “think” about energy usage; however, an incorrectly integrated BMS can cost you more in energy and money. What’s more, your BMS is not programmed to make real-time adjustments to the cost of energy, the exterior weather, and other factors that influence how energy is utilized. A great energy management solution is to have a BMS system that’s complemented by a real-time energy consultant.

Myth #4. Surge Protectors Reduce Energy Use

While some surge protector manufacturers advertise that they can reduce energy usage, it’s not entirely true. A surge protector keeps energy from negatively affecting your electronics; however, they do not manage how much energy is pulled. It’s better to work with an energy consultant and determine how to manage the energy before it arrives at your electronics.

Energy Network Solutions is here as your energy consultants to save you money on energy use. Call us today!