As a business owner, cutting costs wherever you can is essential to the success of your business, no matter what industry you might be in. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2016, the average commercial business in New York used an average of 5,942 kWh of energy and spent about $858.60 per month on their energy bills. Fortunately, there are many different energy saving solutions that will help your business save on energy costs.

At Energy Network, located in New York, New York, our Top Rated National® Energy Broker and Consultant company can help you find long-term energy saving solutions for your business. Our energy saving consultants always put our customers’ best interests first, and we are trained to help you reduce the overall costs of your energy bills.

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1. Invest in an energy audit.

The first thing you should do is determine how much energy your business is actually using, and the best way to do this is to get an energy audit. This will help you get a clear understanding of where you’re wasting the most energy, ultimately setting you up for success in the future, because you’ll be able to hone in on these areas and fix any recurring issues.

Check with your electric utility company to see if they offer a free audit, and from there, this professional can provide you with an outline of your business’ energy usage.  

2. Install energy-efficient equipment and light bulbs in your building.

The more energy-efficient equipment and supplies in your business’ building, the better. Engineers specifically design these items to reduce energy usage, and the less energy you use, the lower your energy bills will end up being.

3. Power down any computers or other office equipment when nobody is using them.

We get it: it’s convenient, efficient and easy to leave your computers and other office equipment on at all times. It takes time to boot up a computer, and it’s hard to remember to unplug or turn off a printer when you’re not using it.

But when you take the time to shut down any technological, electric equipment when it’s not being used, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save by this simple action.

4. Reduce your “peak demand.”

Reducing your peak demand is another effective way to save on your business’ energy bills. Essentially, “peak demand” means the time frames throughout the day where energy is being used in your office the most.

If you know when these peak times are, or these times are highlighted in your audit, you can reduce your energy usage during these time frames by staggering your work hours or not running heavy equipment during peak demand.

5. Turn off the lights.

This is an effective energy saving solution most parents teach their kids at a young age to simply reduce energy use in their homes, but it applies to business owners as well.

We understand that lights are essential to your everyday workplace, but as soon as your office space starts to empty out, it’s in your best interest to turn off all the lights in your building at the end of the day. You can also teach your employees to turn off the lights in any rooms that aren’t being used at the moment, such as break rooms, restrooms, conference rooms and more.

Lastly, especially if your employees tend to be forgetful, you can invest in sensor lights, which turn on and off on their own depending on if there is any movement in a room.

6. Choose an energy management company you can trust.

Last but definitely not least, hire an energy management company you can trust to constantly help your business reduce energy use, and therefore, energy costs. Energy consultants are educated and trained in their trade to provide optimal results — just like you are in your trade. You wouldn’t trust a retail manager to handle your building’s plumbing, right?

Invest in a reliable, successful energy management company, and you’ll start seeing results sooner than if you didn’t have one by your side.

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