1. 5 Business Risks of Not Using an Energy Consultant

    Without energy, almost everything in life as we know it falls apart. Try to picture life without electricity and you can almost hear the tribal drums, see your pony tied to the hitching post, and smell the smoke from your open cookfire. Too often, we take this all-important piece of infrastructure …Read More

  2. Energy Cost Savings for Data Centers

    Every business relies on data, and data centers use electricity to keep running. Unlike the business machines that you can turn off at night when everyone goes home for the day, your data center is always on, and for almost every business, any downtime represents a big threat to profits. Whether yo…Read More

  3. Use These Solar Technologies to Save On Energy

    To be competitive in today's world, every business has to make the relentless pursuit of cutting costs, saving money, and avoiding overpaying for services. Not every business incurs the same types of costs, but every business will almost certainly experience some increase in electricity costs. Since…Read More

  4. How Businesses Can Use Solar Energy To Save Money

    If you are a business look to save energy, chances are, you’ve looked at every possible avenue where this can be done. From keeping your thermostat at the right temperature to optimizing your building controls equipment for efficiency to getting your employees to care about their energy consumpti…Read More

  5. How Energy Network Can Get Your Electricity for Less

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  6. Going One Step Beyond Saving Energy

    When you’re in business, your very survival depends on getting the best value for your money, maximizing profits, minimizing losses, and cutting expenses. One of the overhead costs that affects every business is energy. In the last few months on our blog, we have explored many different topics on…Read More

  7. Building Controls and Winter Energy Efficiency – Part 2

    In our last blog post, we looked at a few energy management strategies that will enable you to optimize your winter energy efficiency when you’re in a newer building with up-to-date technology. But what if you don’t have the luxury of having those things? Many companies, office buildings, and p…Read More

  8. Building Controls and Winter Energy Efficiency – Part 1

    With the coming of January, the intense cold of winter is upon us, causing skyrocketing heating costs to businesses everywhere. In the interest of communicating energy saving solutions for winter, we’d like to offer some solutions that keep a balance between optimal energy efficiency and the toll…Read More

  9. Why Having An Energy Consultant Can Save You Money (Part 2)

    Lowering energy consumption is one of the big ways that your company can stand to save money, cut costs, and end up with a bigger profit. However, saving on energy costs is often easier said than done, and a consultant can help you to hit your energy conservation goals. But can you actually stand t…Read More