1. Monitoring Your Energy Consumption Helps Reduce Costs

    Monitoring energy consumption is a great way to identify where your facility may be needlessly leaking costs. Even a residential house can stand to save on energy costs by monitoring where the energy is being spent, but when you’re talking about a commercial facility, business complex, or other la…Read More

  2. How to reinforce your employees’ energy efficient behaviors

    Over the past few weeks in our blog, we’ve been covering energy management tips and ideas for facility managers for how to get employees on board with reducing your energy costs. In the natural state of things, people tend to be apathetic about their energy consumption at work, and it’s hard to …Read More

  3. How to ask employees to be energy-conscious at work

    As a facilities manager, you know just how many energy management systems you have in place to optimize your building, from what light bulbs you use to what temperature you set on the thermostat to what hours the main lights are on. No one has to ask you to be watching the energy consumption of your…Read More