1. More tips to encourage energy-conscious behaviour in your employees

    Let’s face it: your employees probably will never care quite as much as you do about energy management in your building. Even energy-conscious individuals who consistently look for ways to save energy at home will inevitably have a bit of apathy toward saving energy at the office. There’s just s…Read More

  2. Getting your employees to care about energy

    If you’re a facilities manager looking to reduce your energy costs, energy management is very important to you. You’ve probably set up many automated systems that you don’t have to think about once you’ve set them up correctly, but one thing you’ll never be able to fully automate is the en…Read More

  3. Biggest Energy Procurement Myths, Debunked Part 2

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  4. Biggest Energy Procurement Myths, Debunked

    When it comes to energy procurement, there's no shortage of myths and misconceptions. If your business is like most, then your energy spend is probably a much bigger part of your budget than you would like it to be. There are many energy management strategies you can employ to reduce your energy bud…Read More