1. What Uses the Most Energy in the Workplace?

    If you want to save energy, it's important to know what uses the most of it in your workplace!  Everything in your workplace, from the lighting to the air conditioning, uses energy, and when you have a good idea of what uses the most energy, it'll be much easier for you to learn how to effectively …Read More

  2. Shut-Down, Sleep or Hibernate?

    Should you put your computer to sleep, shut it down or put it into hibernation? When it comes to saving power on your computer, you have three main options with most models: sleep, shutdown or hibernate. While all of these options may appear to do the same thing, which is to turn off your computer, …Read More

  3. Save More Energy With a Remote Workforce

    Allowing your employees to work from home is beneficial in many ways. There is a very good reason why more and more companies are opting to have remote workforces. Allowing your employees to work from home reduces sick days, increases productivity, improves your employees' work satisfaction, reduces…Read More

  4. Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Business This Summer Part 3

    Summer is almost here, but higher energy bills don't have to come with it!  Summer is most people's favorite season, but the heat that it brings can lead to an unwelcome increase in your energy bills. Luckily, the summer doesn't have to lead to higher energy bills, and the energy management experts…Read More